When it’s Time To Sell...

Selling your home is selling one of your biggest investments in your life. It is not a process you want to walk into without full knowledge of the real estate proceedings, disclosures and laws. In today's market it is highly recommended that you have full representation from an experienced and qualified agent. Why not put our experience and knowledge in your corner?

Selling your home? Why not be where they will see it first—and you will sell it fast! What is your home worth? Your home will be in competition with other, similar homes for sale in and around your neighborhood. It's a good idea to know the sale prices of homes in your area with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Should you buy or sell first? Tap into our experience and knowledge. Buy first, and you might have to carry two mortgages. Sell first, and you could end up rushing to find a new place. It’s not easy to decide what’s right for your family, so we’ll help you weigh all the options. How will you know we are different? You’ll know we’re different when your home appears on our Web site instantly, reaching thousands of buyers. And no one markets the web like Carolina Exclusives. That is where the buyers are!

Working With A Real Estate Agent
Preparing and Showing Your Home
Pricing Your Property
Offers, Contracts, & Closings